Use tsung to test https site

To use tsung to test https site, you need to set type as ssl. <servers> <server host="web_server_name" port="443" type="ssl"></server> </servers> If you have issues to make it work for you, change the loglevel to debug to get useful logs. <tsung loglevel="debug" version="1.0"> In my case, I run tsung on a EC2 using Amazon Linux. The … Continue reading Use tsung to test https site


First tsung load testing

Just finished my first 'official' web server load testing by using the bamboo plan for tsung that I built previously. Here are a few things that I learned: When set use_controller_vm="true", by default maxusers is 800. Adding maxusers="50000" for example to change it. For testing proxy server, the option has to be configured as <option type="ts_http" name="http_use_server_as_proxy" value="true"></option> arrivalrate means … Continue reading First tsung load testing