SELinux block timedatectl changes

Just found out this morning that if SELinux is in enforcing mode, it may block the timedatectl command to run in RHEL7. Once changing SELinux to permissive, the problem is gone. Here is the error that I got when executing 'timedatectl set-timezone Australia/Sydney' in a bash script: Failed to issue method call: Did not receive … Continue reading SELinux block timedatectl changes


Check osad service status in Satellite

RedHat Satellite server allows user to push the updates or run the command remotely in a 'real time' manner. The backend services for this feature are osa-dispatcher, jabberd and osad. osa-dispatcher periodically check the database to see if any clients have actions they need to perform. If there are, it sends the messages through jabberd … Continue reading Check osad service status in Satellite