Run 32 bits fortinet SSL VPN in 64 bits Linux (Fedora 20)

I am using Fedora 20 64bits on my new Ultrabook. Here is how I set up the Fortinet SSL VPN 32 bits client: 1) Download the tar ball file, 2) Extract it [jchen@latte software]$ tar xvzf forticlientsslvpn_linux_4.0.2254.tar.gz forticlientsslvpn/ forticlientsslvpn/helper/ forticlientsslvpn/helper/ forticlientsslvpn/helper/config forticlientsslvpn/helper/subproc forticlientsslvpn/helper/fortisslcacert.pem forticlientsslvpn/helper/License.txt forticlientsslvpn/helper/linux.rtbackup forticlientsslvpn/helper/fortisslclient.crt forticlientsslvpn/helper/ forticlientsslvpn/helper/fortisslclient.key forticlientsslvpn/helper/ forticlientsslvpn/forticlientsslvpn 3) As you can … Continue reading Run 32 bits fortinet SSL VPN in 64 bits Linux (Fedora 20)

Run jnlp file in Linux

jnlp (java network launching protocal) is the Java Web Start file (also known as javaws). Many hardware devices' (switch,router, servers...) remote control utility uses this technology. For example Brocade fiber switch management page, Cisco ADSM, IBM X3650 IMM.remote control. When you visit the management page via Chrome or Firefox in Linux. The jnlp file will … Continue reading Run jnlp file in Linux