Issue With DAT 6682 and McAfee Email Products

The bloody McAfee caused another trouble yesterday by rereleasing the new DAT 6682. Our Exchange server transport server stopped working just after updating to the DAT6682. The only thing you can do is to revert the DAT back to 6681 in both ePO master repository and the mail server. The solution can be found at: … Continue reading Issue With DAT 6682 and McAfee Email Products


PowerShell: Find Duplicated ePO GUID

McAfee ePO (ePolicy Orchestrator) client may have duplicated GUID when the computer restore to a previous system status or the computer is a clone of another one. I wrote a script to list the computer names with duplicated GUID, so I can target and process them. Remove-Item machines_draft.txt# copy the ePO server logCopy-Item "\\epo-server-name\c$\Program Files\McAfee\ePolicy … Continue reading PowerShell: Find Duplicated ePO GUID