Mail for Exchange on E72

Many smartphones naturely support Exchange AtiveSync, it includes iPhone, Symbian, Android and Windows Mobile.

In my office, we enabled the ActiveSync on Exchange 2010, and the users who have smartphone can send/receive mails in anywhere at anytime.

My phone is Nokia E72 (S60 V3).  The setup process is pretty straightforward:

1) Go to ‘Menu – Email – New mailbox – Start’

2) Select ‘Mail for Exchange’, type in the email address, username, password and domain.

3) Input the server address in ‘Mail for Exchange Server’

4) Click ‘OK’ to accept the warning which warns you the possible sync issues.

5) Check the items you want sync in ‘what to sync’ list.

6) Choose ‘keep on phone’ or ‘delete from phone’ to determine that phone/server wins if there is a conflict happens.

7) The new mailbox should be created now.

When you first time open the mailbox, a certificate warning dialog may pop up. Choose to permantly accept it.

Lastly, go to ‘option – settings’ to define the global setting, when to sync and what to sync.


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