Automation tooling
AWS GuardDuty Manager
AWS One Page Advisor
Confluence Space Exporter
SSSG Ninja

Bamboo plan for tsung
Bamboo plan for AWS build part 1
Bamboo plan for AWS build part 2
Bamboo plan for AWS build part 3
Bamboo plan for AWS build part 4
Simple version of CICD workflow
CICD on OpenShift part one
CICD on OpenShift part two

Akamai Bot
Huggies: Elastic Beanstalk automation tool

Hubot: Akamai – error translator, purge 
Hubot: Opsgenie – who is on call
Hubot: CloudHealth – on my bill
Bots Club
Monitor Jira and Confluence Performance Part One
Monitor Jira and Confluence Performance Part Two

VMware vCenter Orchestrator
Server Provisioning
Virtual Machine Archive/Backup
Server Decommission
Find Out Orphaned Virtual Machines
List Virtual Machines With Snapshots
Find VM name based on UUID
Virtual Machine Inventory

Puppet Installation
Puppet-dashboard Installation
Auto deploy Puppet Agent
Puppet Package Configuration
Puppet File Configuration
Puppet Host File Configuration
Puppet Remote Execution Configuration
Puppet Service Configuration
Puppet User and Group Configuration
Puppet for Windows: Remote Execution
Puppet push LDAP authentication
Puppet push users’ key
Puppet cron job configuration
Puppet manage individual lines in a file
Puppet custom facter
Puppet motd template
Integrate Puppet to Foreman
Puppet kick
Puppet enable storeconfigs
Puppet push Nagios
Puppet lock yum version


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