Texts in Confluence Powerpoint Thumbnail Have Scrambled

Are you seeing the scrambled texts in Confluence Powerpoint thumbnail like the below screenshot? First of all, make ensure you have installed all right fonts in the OS or Docker image if you use containers. Secondly, clean all caches and the temp folders like  dcl-*, then restart Confluence. If the above did not solve the … Continue reading Texts in Confluence Powerpoint Thumbnail Have Scrambled

Optimal Synchrony Setup

The application that works behind Confluence Collaborative Editing is called Synchrony. Synchrony works in two modes: Standalone and Managed by Confluence. Standalone: As the name suggests, it is setup as a standalone cluster which is dedicated for Collaborative Editing. Managed by Confluence: Synchrony is co-located with Confluence in the same cluster. And it is managed … Continue reading Optimal Synchrony Setup

Load Balancing Algorithm for Confluence

We recently migrated Confluence Data Center to AWS. And by using the Read-Only mode, we achieved zero downtime! Everything works well since the migration. During the working hours, the normal load is between 6000 to 7500 RPM (request per minute). And the two node cluster is still able to provide satisfying response time while the … Continue reading Load Balancing Algorithm for Confluence

Confluence system plugins that do not support cluster environment

If you are doing the following Confluence migration, you have to be aware of that some system plugins do not support cluster environment. Confluence server to Confluence data center clusterConfluence data centre non-clustered (single node) to Confluence data centre clustered (multiple nodes) A simple example is the 'Confluence Usage Stats' which provides the macros like … Continue reading Confluence system plugins that do not support cluster environment

Access Specific EC2 behind ALB

When there are multiple EC2 instances running behind the application load balancer, there is no way (at least as the time of writing) to tell the load balancer which instance you want to use. It is all controlled by the pre-defined load_balancing.algorithm.type. load_balancing.algorithm.type - The load balancing algorithm determines how the load balancer selects targets when routing … Continue reading Access Specific EC2 behind ALB