Moving VM to Folder in vCenter

To make things more organized in vCenter, I use folders to categorize the servers with the same functions together. The folders can be Production with subfolders SQL server, Linux server … But somehow, two servers refused to move. Everything looks fine, they just did not want to move to a new folder.

After being frustrated by that in vSphere client, I decided to try vSphere PowerCLI. And it turns out I have more luck out there : )

Just simply connect the vCenter server, then list the folder names, use the move-vm to move the VM wherever you want them to be.

1) Connect-VIServer vcs-server-name -User jackie.chen  -Password **********

2) Get-Folder

3) Move-VM -VM vm-name -Destination folder-name


6 thoughts on “Moving VM to Folder in vCenter

    1. Hi, if the folder is not unique it does not work!

      Move-VM -VM mytest1 -Destination TEST
      Move-VM : 7/23/2014 2:44:01 PM Move-VM The specified parameter ‘Destination’ expects a single value, but your name cr
      iteria ‘TEST’ corresponds to multiple values.

      Regards Denis

  1. it only works if you don’t have folders with the same name on different branches…Managing VM and folder path in VMware is a mess.

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