PowerShell: Check VMware Tools Status

To ensure the VMware Tools is running or not out of date, we have to periodically check it.


The following PowerShell script can generate a VMware Tools status report in csv format.


#Uncomment if this SnapIn has not been added
#Add-PSSnapIn VMware.VimAutomation.Core


$creds = Get-VICredentialStoreItem -file “C:\powercli\credfile.xml”
Connect-viserver -Server $creds.Host -User $creds.User -Password $creds.Password

Get-VM | Get-View | Select-Object @{N=”VM Name”;E={$_.Name}},@{Name=”VMware Tools”;E={$_.Guest.ToolsStatus}} | Export-CSV c:\powercli\VMwareToolsStatus.csv

How to generate the credential file

Use the following script to update the VMware Tools without a reboot. (Keep all the VM that need to be updated in the VM.txt)

Get-Content C:\powercli\VMs.txt | ForEach-Object { Update-Tools -VM $_ -NoReboot }


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