Bamboo plan for tsung

We recently created a dedicated bamboo plan for using tsung to run load testing. (It can be added as a ‘test’ stage into the exisiting bamboo plan too). Instead of installing tsung in bamboo agent, we use a dedicate box as it is resources extensive.

Here is how we set it up:

1) Create a bamboo build plan and link it to a repo where all the tsung configuration files are saved. Every build is to check out the latest tsung configuration files.

2) Create a deployment plan for the build plan. The deployment plan includes many environments. Each environment is for a different configuration file. The name of the configuration file is set as a variable named ‘tsung_config’ in bamboo.

3) The task workflow: download the artifacts (tsung configurations) -> start the tsung EC2 instance if it is not running -> create a folder for each releaes on the tsung box -> SCP the configuration file to the tsung box -> Run load testing then parse the result and compare it with the threshold to determine the testing is pass or failed.

Task details:


All logs can be retrieved:


Parse the test result then compare with the threshold to determined the test is pass or failed.

The relevant codes can be found here.


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