Hourly Intermittent Elastic Beanstalk Service Interruption

We noticed that one of our Java applications that is deployed on Elastic Beanstalk has hourly service interruption. Each outage only lasts for about 40 - 60 seconds. By looking at the CloudWatch, the ELB has intermittent 5xx errors every one hour, like 09:01, 10:01, 11:01 ... After some investigations, I found it out that it … Continue reading Hourly Intermittent Elastic Beanstalk Service Interruption


Apache mod_rewrite URL redirect script

I wrote a bash script to automate the Apache (mod_rewrite) URL redirection. It supports 3 types of redirection: - One to One: eg. From http://jackiechen.local/mylab To http://jackiechen.org./mylab - Any to One: eg. From http://jackiechen.local/* To http://jackiechen.org - Any to Any: eg. From http://jackiechen.local/$1 to http://jackiechen.org/$1 The script can be downloaded from here Note: I tested … Continue reading Apache mod_rewrite URL redirect script

Apache Rewrite Rule Flags – NE

I was working on an Apache URL redirection request this morning. The task is to redirect the URL ‘^/example/1’ to ‘/#example1’. My first configuration is something like below. When I test it, the redirected URL becomes …/%23example1 instead of …/#example1. RewriteRule ^/example/1(/)?$ %{HTTP_HOST}/#example1 [R,L,NC] As you see the problem is that the redirection automatically convert … Continue reading Apache Rewrite Rule Flags – NE