Two Examples of using AWS Network Firewall

AWS Network Firewall is a high-available and scalable firewall service that provides network protections for VPC, which is a supplement to the existing security services. Security group protects computing resources (EC2, Lambda, RDS...)NACL (Network Access Control List) protects subnetsWAF (Web Application Firewall) and Shield protects frontend resources (ELB, CloudFound, API Gateway) There are quite a … Continue reading Two Examples of using AWS Network Firewall


AWS Security Checklist

Identity & Access Management Secure AWS account (AWS organization, MFA).Rely on centralized identity provider (SSO).Use multiple AWS accounts ot separate workloads and workloads stages such as production and non-production (SCP, Guardrails, Control Tower).Store and use secret securely (STS, Secrets Manager). Detection Enable foundation security services (AWS CloudTrail, Amazon GuardDuty, and AWS Security Hub).Configure service and … Continue reading AWS Security Checklist

Use AWS Secret Manager to handle credentials

AWS Secret Manager is a great solution for secret management. It is similar to HarshiCorp Vault, but with better integrations with other AWS services, e.g. IAM, RDS, Redshift, DocumentDB. As illustrated above, I created a database in RDS and a credential in Secret Manager, then attached the credential to the database for dynamic reference. The … Continue reading Use AWS Secret Manager to handle credentials

Share encrypted AMI across AWS accounts

AWS has made sharing encrypted AMI cross accounts a bit easier now, check this out - Here is a sample of how to share encrypted AMI across accounts and launch an instance from it: If you need to run autoscaling group from the encrypted AMI, it requires a few extra steps. Mostly it … Continue reading Share encrypted AMI across AWS accounts