Diagram as Code Example

I came cross a nice Diagram as Code tool, it allows me to draw Cloud system architecture in Python code. To use it, you need to install Graphviz and diagrams python module. brew install graphviz pip install diagrams Here is a sample code of using the tool to create the diagram of AWS transit gateway … Continue reading Diagram as Code Example

Manage Private CA file in Python

The private CA signed certificate can cause SSL error in Python if the it is not trusted. How to manage it? Well, it really depends on the Python module that you use. I will give a few examples that I have seen so far. pip Pip is the popular python package manage tool. To check … Continue reading Manage Private CA file in Python

Automatically Update Jira Custom Field Content

I recently worked on a Jira Service Desk automation project. One of the requirements is to allow user to choose either Jira project or Confluence space from a dropdown list. This is how the custom field of 'Jira Project Picker' looks like. BTW, I have confirmed that Jira (7.12.3 ) system field project field could … Continue reading Automatically Update Jira Custom Field Content