Learning AWS Landing Zone Accelerator (LZA) as a Developer

From a developer's perspective, LZA is an abstraction layer which hides the complexity of setting up a landing zone on AWS. This is especially useful for the customers who are new to AWS, as they don't necessarily need to have expertise in CloudFormation, CDK and AWS SDK to setup a landing zone with LZA. All they need to maintain are just a few configuration files.


CodePipeline Output artifact format – Full clone

Something that I learned Today - I was working a CodePipeline pipeline which gets the source codes from a CodeStar connection that was built to a Bitbucket Cloud workspace. And in the following stage, I needed to get the git commit history of that repository. As shown below CodePipeline does not keep the git metadata … Continue reading CodePipeline Output artifact format – Full clone

Serverless Ingress Solution on AWS

Below is the typical ingress solution for many organizations' AWS workloads. The data flow is: Users -> CDN (e.g Akamai,Cloudflare) -> Ingress internet-facing ALB -> Ingress ASG (e.g Nginx, HAProxy) -> TGW -> Workload internal ALB -> Workload applications (ASG or K8S services). As you can see, the improvements are the adoptions of some Cloud … Continue reading Serverless Ingress Solution on AWS