My open source projects

Autosam: Autosam is a project that I created to automate the Akamai Cloudlets Edge Redirect from end to end, including add new rules, remove duplicated rules if there are any, push to staging, test in staging, push to production, test in production.

Akamai-Bot: Hubot based automation bot that allows users to perform some Akamai daily tasks simply by chatting.

AWS Challenge LabA fun lab that challenges your AWS knowledge on VPC, Security Groups, Network ACL, Elastic Load Balancer and Autoscaling group. The CloudFormation template is ready to be used for automating the lab creation.

AWS GuardDuty Manager: AWS GuardDuty Manager (GDM) is a tool that allows you to perform some common GuardDuty tasks (start, stop and disable) across multiple AWS accounts.

AWS-Lambda: Make a good use of AWS serverless infrastructure. I will continue to write more tools.

AWS One Page Advisor: OPA (One Page Advisor) is a tool that aggregates the results of trusted advisor checks across multiple AWS accounts.

CertStuff: A python tool that checks AWS certificates (both ACM and IAM) and the certificates that have been deployment to production in Akamai.

Confluence Space Exporter: A handy node command line tool that can export a Confluence space into XML or HTML or PDF file. A good use case is archiving space to an offsite storage.

CrowdLess: A python tool that makes Atlassian Crowd less crowded by synchronising the disabled Active Directory users to Crowd.

Huggies: Huggies is a plug and play automation tool for AWS Elastic Beanstalk, supports both Slack and API.

keyWatcher: keyWatcher is a tool that utilizes CloudTrail logs to detect the suspicious AWS API calls by scoring each request based on established key profile.

myHubot: myHubot is my operation bot. I have written a few plugins – Akamai, CloudHealth, Opsgenie, AWS DynamoDB.

mask-words-in-image: A tool that can mask words in an image file. User specifies which words should be masked, it can be any combinations of keywords, regex and PII (Personally Identifiable Information).

OpenShiftV3 Nagios Plugin: By the time of writing, OpenShift V3 comes with poor monitoring capabilities. The build-in monitoring only checks the metrics of Memory/CPU/Network, and it does not even support alerting! This project aims to develop some Nagios plugins for OpenShift V3.

pyMSScorch: pyMSScorch is a tool that can generate python clients for your Microsoft System Center Orchestrator runbooks.

SSSG Ninja: All-in-one management tool for SSSG (Site Shield Security Group), it not only makes recommendations but also can automate all jobs for you.

More can be found in my Github.


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