Apache Rewrite Rule Flags – NE

I was working on an Apache URL redirection request this morning. The task is to redirect the URL ‘^/example/1’ to ‘/#example1’. My first configuration is something like below. When I test it, the redirected URL becomes …/%23example1 instead of …/#example1.

RewriteRule ^/example/1(/)?$ %{HTTP_HOST}/#example1 [R,L,NC]

As you see the problem is that the redirection automatically convert the special character (#) to hexicode (%23). To avoid the conversion, the flag NE has to be applied to the rewrite rule.

RewriteRule ^/example/1(/)?$ %{HTTP_HOST}/#example1 [R,L,NC,NE]

BTW, curl is a better testing tool than browser due to the the history may be cached in the browser. Check the Location value in the output of this comand curl –I –L http://…/example/1




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