RecordRoutingInfo: Unable to collect IPv4 routing table

One of my VMware Linux virtual machine takes a long time to boot. And there are couple warnings on the screen complaining RecordRoutingInfo: Unable to collect IPv4 routing table.


According to VMware KB2048572, this issue occurs when the Linux iputilis package causes a delay in the boot process. A warning message appears when the guestinfo plugin tool fails to parse the content from the /proc/net/route file. The guest operating system’s clock is ahead of the host on which it is running, causing the arping process to become unresponsive during boot. This results in the delayed boot times.

To work around this issue, add rtc.diffFromUTC=0 to the .vmx file of the affected virtual machine. This forces a time sync by setting the clock to UTC at power on, which enables the arping process to complete as expected leading to normal boot times.


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