Fix duplicated package ID in red hat satellite

Our red hat satellite stops to sync from the subscribed red hat channel. We turned the debug on and found out it is caused by the duplicated package ID in the self-managed oracle database. Here is how to fix it:

1) Turn on debug to find out the duplicated package ID.

echo “debug=7” >> /etc/rhn/rhn.conf

2) Run the sync, and monitor the log.


tail -f /var/log/rhn/rhn_server_satellite.log

{\’package_id\’: [97018, 97018, 97018, 97018, 97018, 97018, 97018…
SYNC ERROR: unhandled exception occurred: SYNC ERROR: unhandled exception occurred:

3) As above, we can see the ID is 97018. Backup the database before making any changes.

rhn-satellite stop
db-control backup /var/satellite/DBBAK/2014-07-28
rhn-satellite start

4) Connect to Oracle, then remove the duplicated package.

(Optional, in case the ORACLE_SID has not been setup)
sudo su – oracle
. oraenv
ORACLE_SID = [/usr/bin/logname] ? rhnsat

Run sqlplus and execute the following sql statements.

set feedback on;
delete from rhnChannelPackage where package_id=97018;
select count(*) from rhnChannelPackage where package_id=97018;
delete from rhnPackage where id=97018;
select count(*) from rhnPackage where id=97018;

5) Run the sync again to confirm it fixed the issue.

satellite-sync or  satellite-sync -c channel_name


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