SharePoint 2010 Training Day 2 Notes

Module 4: Configuring Content Management

  • Content hierarchy


  • List Column: Metadata/ Self-defined
  • Large list: 50 million items
  • Metadata: Taxonomy/ Folksonomy, Term store, Term group, Tem set, Term
  • List throttling settings
  • BLOB –Binary Large Object (SQL 2008 R2 filestream)
  • RBS – Remote BLOB Storage
  • SharePoint SP1 supports shallow copy

Module 5: Configuring Authentication

  • Authentication types, provider, methodsimage
  • SSS – Secure Store Services ( Generate new key –> Set secure store credential –> Create target application)
  • Federated authentication: liveID, OpenID, Facebook/ ADFS, Azure ACS

Module 6: Securing Content

  • Group: Visitor, Members, Owner
  • Customized permission levels
  • Web application security
  • Auditing
Curry chicken for lunch!



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