SharePoint 2010 Training Day 1 Notes

Today is my first day of the 5 days SharePoint training (10174 Configuring and Administering Microsoft SharePoint 2010). I think it might be a good idea to keep my notes here, where I can easily retrieve in the future.

Module 1: Introducing Microsoft SharePoint 2010

  • Physical Structure
    3 server roles: Web server, App server, SQL server


  • Logical Structure
    Farm, Service App, Web App, Site Collection, Top-level Site.



  • SharePoint Platform Architecture


  • SP 2010 SP1 supports SQL server 2012.
  • Create AD accounts: SP_Admin, SP_Farm, SP_ServiceApps.
  • Create SQL login for SP: Add SP_Admin in SQL Server security login and assign dbcreator and securityadmin role. Add SP_Admin into local admin group.
  • Install SP prerequisites: PrerequisiteInstallerFile folder, PrerequisiteInstaller.Arguments.txt, PrerequisiteInstaller.exe
  • Install SP: GUI wizard (default.hta) or PowerShell script.
  • Create SP Farm: Farm password can only be changed through PowerShell script afterwards. Authentication NTLM/ Kerberos.
  • Create service application managed account.

Module 2: Create a SharePoint 2010 Intranet

  • Create web application: Authentication: Classic Mode/ Claim Based. Host header is import.
  • Create site collection:  Don’t forget to add the DNS host records. Publish site page.
  • Create a content database, then create site collection in it.

Module 3: Administering and Automating SharePoint

  • Add PowerShell snap-in: Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell
  • Configure least privilege rights to manage SP with PS:
    $spcdb = Get-SPContentDatabase WSS_Content_Intranet
    Add-SPShellAdmin –UserName CONTOSO\SP_Admin –Database $spcdb
  • SP PowerShell cmdlets:
    Get-Command –PSSnapin “Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell” | select name, definition | format-list > C:\SP2010_PowerShell_Commands.txt
  • stsadm is duplicated with PS.

Food is as important as SharePoint!  Just for fun, I also want to keep a record of this week’s lunch Plate



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