SharePoint 2010 Training Day 3 Notes

Module 7: Managing SharePoint Customizations

  • Customizing SharePoint: Web Browser/ SharePoint Desinger/ Visual Studio
  • Deploy feature: Install-SPFeature –Path “ContosoProjects”
  • Activate feature: Enable-SPFeature –Identity ContosoProjects
  • Add solution: Add-SPSolution –LiteralPath “c:\custom\contososolution.wsp”
  • Deploy solution: Install-SPSolution –Identity ContosoSolution
  • Sandbox solution
  • Enable developer dashboard stsadm or PS

Module 8: Configuring and Securing SharePoint Services and Service Applications

  • Secure Enterprise SharePoint service
  • Window service/ SharePoint service
  • Secure and isolate Web Application
  • Application pool isolation


  • Enable SSL
  • Service application type: Cross farm/ Single farm

Module 9: User Profile and Social Networking

  • Create user profile service applicatin –> Start the required services (profile/profile sync/ForeFront/ ForeFornt sync) –> Restart IIS –> Delegate an account for Sync –> Create a profile connection to AD.
  • Create a profile property –> Setup data source permission –> Create an external data source –> Set permission on external data source –> Create a sync connection to the data source.
  • Social Networking: My Sites

Beef stew for lunch!



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