PowerShell: Send SMS Through Outlook

1) Find a public SMS provider and register an account, there are plenty on the Internet. I use www.smsglobal.com in this example, and it works perfect.

2) Install Outlook 2010 and PowerShell on the server. If you use Outlook 2003 or 2007, MOSA has to be installed.

3) Configure Outlook 2010, go to ‘New Item – text Message (SMS)’ to create a SMS account:

Web service: https://outlook. smsglobal.com
username: xxxx (registered in step 1)
password: ******

4) Use the PowerShell advanced functions “Send-SMSMessage” in the following format:

Send-SMSMessage –To International-PhoneNumber-Format -Message “the SMS content


One thought on “PowerShell: Send SMS Through Outlook

  1. If you want to use newer versions of Microsoft Outlook – such as Outlook 2013 or 2016 – to send SMS, you should consider using Red Oxygen’s Microsoft Outlook SMS software. There’s a free 15 day trial and service is offered globally.

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