Backup Exec 2010 R2: Couple Issues

I have experienced couple backup issues caused by Backup Exec recently. It is really annoying. But anyway, I have found a work around to fix them temporarily.

1) Mutli-home issue

For example, I use BE to backup the files that are on a Windows file server. Here is info:

File Server: ip1-, ip2-, gateway-

Media Server: ip-, gateway-

OK, as you can see both File Server and Media Server are on the subnet, so they can just talk to each other on the layer 2 network. Right? But somehow, it may not work as you expect. You may see the error message ‘remote agent not detected on the file server’, which has actually been installed already. The work around is either to add a second ip (in subnet) to Media Server, or make File Server use as the gateway.

2) Backup agent crashed on a single node can screw the whole cluster backup.

We use Backup Exec 2010 R2 Hyper-V agent to backup Hyper-V virtual machines which run on a Windows 2008 R2 cluster with CSV (cluster shared volume). The annoying thing is that as long as the backup agent crashes on any one of the cluster nodes, it will screw the whole cluster level Hyper-V backup. The work around is to restart the node to fix the crashed service. The crashed the service may not allow you to restart the service or kill the process (beremote.exe), so you have to restart the Windows node.


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