PowerShell: Remove Remote Registry Keys

I wrote a power shell script to delete the duplicated ePO GUID stored in the Windows registry key. Firstly, I would like to know which machines are responsive. Then I need to find out whether I got the admin permission on the remote machines. Lastly, remove the specified reg keys.

#Read the machine name data from the text file named machines.txt
$MachineList = get-content machines.txt

foreach ($Machine in $MachineList)
#Run ping test
$MachineName = $Machine
$result = Get-WMIObject -query “select StatusCode from Win32_PingStatus where Address = ‘$MachineName'”
# If responsive
if ($result.statuscode -eq 0)
     #Test the admin permission
    $permission = Test-Path \\$MachineName\c`$
    #If has the admin permission, then clean the reg key
    if ($permission)
       #build the connection to the remote registry
       $reg = [Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey]::OpenRemoteBaseKey(‘LocalMachine’, $MachineName)

       #Connect to the ePO reg key
       $regKey= $reg.OpenSubKey(“SOFTWARE\\Network Associates\\ePolicy Orchestrator\\Agent”,$true )

       #Delete the following sub keys
       foreach ($key in $regKey.GetValueNames())
            if ($key -eq “AgentGUID”)
            if ($key -eq “IPAddress”)
            if ($key -eq “MacAddress”)
       #Record the processed machines into the processed.log
       echo $MachineName >> Processed.log
      #If no admin permission, then record the machines into the NoPermission.log
    else {echo $MachineName >> NoPermission.log}
#If ping is not responsive, then record the machines into unresponsive.log
else {echo $MachineName >> Unresponsive.log}

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