How to Manage Your Passwords?

Have you ever get challenged by memorizing your passwords? Not sure about you, but I did. In the cyber world, there are so many systems and applications need password to get in. But surely you don’t want to write them down on the yellow note and stick it on your monitor.

Personally, I have been using two freeware to manage my passwords. And they work great! You might want to try it if you are interested. There are basically 2 types of passwords, web based and non web based.

For web based passwords, I use LastPass to manage them. LastPass is an Internet browser plugin, and it supports IE, FireFox, Safari… you name it.  Simply speaking, LastPass remembers and encrypts  all your web based passwords (like email account, forum account, netbank account) then stores them in an online (Internet) repository. And you need to have a complicated password to access that repository, and this password is the only password you need to remember.

For non web based passwords, I use KeePass to manage them, like my windows/linux login credentials, wireless WAP key, firewall/switch ssh logins. You need to install a KeePass on your computer, it supports Windows and Linux.  Like LastPass, KeePass also stores all encrypted passwords in a repository. The difference is that the repository is not on the Internet. You could put the repository in any of storage (hard disk, flash disk, network drive…), and when you try to access it you need provide a password or security key. 


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