Concierge – AWS CloudFormation Compliance Check Tool (using CloudConformity API)

Here we Go – my first side project (Concierge) that is written in Go 😅 . It is a AWS CloudFormation compliance check tool which uses  CloudConformity API to evaluate the CloudFormation stack compliance status. The compiled binaries can run on Windows/Linux/MacOs, so it can be easily integrated into any CICD pipeline to improve the compliance level of your Cloud environments.

The idea was previously implemented in cfn-compliance-check.

Why re-write it in Go?

  • Learn some Go
  • Write Once, Run Anywhere (WORA)
  • More features


  • Install from source: go install
  • Download compiled binary from released versions


  1. Setup CloudConformity API key environment variable CLOUD_CONFORMITY_API_KEY (You should be able to create one in CloudConformity console User settings > API Keys if you don’t have one yet).
  2. Setup your AWS credential (e.g. environment variables, profile or EC2 instance role).
  3. Follow the usage:

    Usage of Concierge:
    -stacks-arn string CloudFormation stacks ARN, use comma to seperate if more than one
    -template-file string CloudFormation template file (json or yaml)
    • Example: Check compliance status of a CloudFormation stack

      Concierge -stacks-arn arn:aws:cloudformation:ap-southeast-2:123456789000:stack/my-stack/69d48220-010d-11ec-982a-06dd10360dfc
    • Example: Check compliance status of a CloudFormation template file

      Concierge -template-file ./my-stack.yml


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