Configure Lync Client in Non-domain Computers

I set up a Lync server in my lab domain sandbox.local. To test it from my working laptop which is in another domain, I need to do the following steps:

1) Download the CA certificate chain from the sandbox.local CA server, and add it as your local laptop ‘Trusted Root Certification Authorities’. It can be downloaded from the CA web server, the URL is like http://CA.sandbox.local/certsrv/

2) Add the DNS entry in your host file, e.g. ‘          LyncFE.sandbox.local

3) Install the Lync client in your laptop.

4) Configure the login. (On the Sandbox.local domain machines, the login is automatic.)

– Type in your sign-in address in the format xxxx@domain, e.g.  jcadmin@sandbox.local

– Go to Tools – Options – Personal – Advanced, choose ‘Manual configuration’, and type ‘LyncFE.sandbox.local’ as the Internal server IP address.

– Enter your sandbox.local domain username and password.



5) Add contacts, type XXXX@sandbox.local  and click the add button to add the person to your contact list.


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