AWS Summit Sydney 2019

Another year, another AWS Summit. As always I attended AWS summit in Sydney this year. If I only can summarise it with one sentence, then it would be “It is AWS age 2.0 now“.

I started my AWS journey about 6 years ago, and these were all the products AWS offered at that time. I thought it was a lot! But if you compare them to Today’s AWS offerings, it is just a small portion.

2014 AWS offering

I have witnessed how AWS evolved in the past a few years, from Alexa to AR & VR, from ECS to EKS, from DeepLens to DeepRacer, from Rekognition to SageMaker… you name it.

If you ask why I call it AWS age 2.0. Here is what I observed: In the previous years which I refer as AWS age 1.0, AWS was focus on providing a solid and easy-to-use infrastructure platform and all sorts of managed services. Starting last year which I define as the start of AWS age 2.0, it invested heavily in the areas of AI & Machine Learning, Big Data & Analytics etc. The long product list of Machine learning is a good proof.

2019 AWS Machine Learning Products

AWS is investing into the future now! If you were in the Summit, you won’t miss the booths of The Future Entertainment, The Future Sports, The Future Travel.

AI Enabled F1
AI Enabled Surf Guard Drone

It makes perfect sense, as all those cut edge technologies require a solid and powerful infrastructure to run which AWS age 1.0 has achived. Now AWS age 2.0 is making a good use of those powerful infrastructure to democratize AI & Machine Learning.


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