VT-x is not available caused by Docker for Windows

If you are trying to run Virtualbox on Windows, and received the error ‘VT-x is not available (VERR_VMX_NO_VMX)’. Normally, the first thing is to check if the processor supports VT-x. If yes, then to see whether it has been enabled in BIOS?


If yes, but you are still seeing this error. Then another possible reason is that you are running Docker for Windows on your machine. The new version of docker-machine requires Hyper-V ( it used to be Virtualbox). With Hyper-V feature enabled, the VirtualBox is unable to work properly. So disabling Hyper-V is the fix for this issue. I have tested and worked on my Windows 10.

Docker for Windows actually gives the warning in the dialog box.



3 thoughts on “VT-x is not available caused by Docker for Windows

  1. I tried to set up Docker on my Windows and gave up. I just tried installing Docker on Ubuntu Server in a Virtualbox. Then just port forward the TCP from VM to Windows.

    Are you using Windows Home Edition?

    1. Windows Home Edition does not have Hyper-V feature which is required by Docker for Windows. You have to use the old ones (docker-machine), as it uses VirtualBox instead of Hyper-V.

      1. I read that I should be using Docker Toolbox. Installed that and it worked. I think. The default vm that it installed on VirtualBox doesn’t seem to play nice as I tried to load Django Docker and have it load on my browser but it seems that there’s no connection. Something for me to Google later.

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