Citrix XenApp 6.5 Administration Training Day 3 Notes

Module 7: Streaming Applications

  • Application Streaming
    – Benefits: centralized management/ isolated environment/ optimal utilization of computing resource/ …
    – Components: CTX streaming profiler/ Citrix receiver with offline plug-in/ Application hub or web server
    – Application Streaming communication process:
    1) A user clicks a published streaming application icon. The start request is relayed to the web interface
    2) The web interface contacts the XenApp server to obtain the information required to run the application
    3) The web interface server creates a .rad file based on the information obtained and provides it to the RadeRun.exe utility
    4) The RadeRun.exe utility passes the .rad file to the Citrix streaming service (RadeSvc), which creates an isolated environment and downloads the application profile from the application hub
    5) The Citrix streaming service opens the application executable according to the instructions included in the application profile and runs the executable inside the isolated space
    6) Additional application files are downloaded from the application hub as needed during normal application usage
    – Streaming App-V package


  • Citrix Offline Plug-in
    – Cache location %ProgramFiles% (x86) \Citrix\Radecache\
    – Cache size: 1G or 5% of the installation disk volume, whichever is larger
    – %ProgramFiles% (x86) \Citrix\Streaming Client\ClientCache.exe
    – Installer CitrixOfflinePlugin.exe


  • Citrix Streaming Profiler
    – The profile does not install files already on the computer
    – Prerequisites: JRE can be profiled, .NET framework can not
    – Only 32 bits applications can be profiled
    – The profiling system run-time environment should be as close to the user devices’ or servers’ as possible
    – Profiling process
    – A target is a collection of files, registry data and other information used to represent an application isolated environment
    – The old version target only can be removed manually
    – Inter-Isolation communication
    – Not all applications with services will function correctly when profiled
    – It is possible to revert back to previous version of a streaming profile (see CTX120436)
    – Streaming application only support Windows family
    – It is possible to force the delivery of streamed to client streamed applications with filters
    – To use http or https as a delivery method, you need to add MIME type information .profile=text/xml
    – Stream to server vs. Stream to client
  • Offline Access Management
    – How:Enable an application for offline access/ Configure XenApp services site for offline or dual mode applications/ Ensure the license if available for check out
    – Offline access period: 21 days by default
    – Caching type: pre-deploy at logon / cache at launch (default)
    – Pre-deploy is automatic for offline streaming and is not recommended for online streaming
    – %ProgramFiles%\Citrix\Deploy\RadeDeploy.exe

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