Create HP blade iLO user via enclosure

For example, I want to create a new iLO user with all privileges on a old HP Blade server (name: my-old-box/ bay: 8). But I don’t know have the access to the box itself. The workaround is to do it via the enclosure (HPENC01) if you have the access.

ssh HPENC01

HPENC01> connect server 8

Connecting to bay 8 …
User:OAtmp-Lightsout-5566C08F logged-in to ILOCNXXXXXXX.(
iLO 2 Standard Blade Edition 1.81 at 11:05:47 Jan 15 2010
Server Name: my-old-box
Server Power: Off

hpiLO-> cd /map1/accounts1

hpiLO-> create username=jackie password=****** name=Jackie group=admin,config,oemhp_rc,oemhp_power,oemhp_vm
User added successfully.

Note: For iLO2 firmware older than 2.06, you have to use 32 bits IE to connect to the remote console.


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