Akamai Error Reference Translator

Instead of use the Akamai console, I wrote a script to translate the error code into human readable language. It can be downloaded from here

To run the script, you need to get the API token, secret … from your Akamai admin first. It is under Configure/ Manage API in the console.

How it looks like?

./akamai_error_translator.py 18.2d464868.1442817339.b692352

Status code:

Respnse Body:
“errorTranslator”: {
“originHostname”: null,
“epochTime”: “1442817300”,
“errorString”: null,
“reasonForFailure”: “ERR_ACCESS_DENIED “,
“url”: null,
“originIP”: null,
“httpResponseCode”: null,
“serverIP”: “ (SYDNEY,NSW,AU)”,
“dateTime”: “Mon, Sep 21, 2015 06:35 GMT”,
“requestMethod”: null,
“userAgent”: null,
“clientIP”: null,
“logs”: null


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