HP Thin Client Working Notes


1) In the new HP thin client (e.g T610), to allow the normal user to see the USB storage, you have to do: Local Computer Policy -> User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Windows Explorer –> Disable ‘Hide these specified drives in My Computer’

2) Windows Embedded 7 32bits does not support PAE.

3) It is useful to add the ‘Command Prompt’ to user’s start menu. As system administrator can use runas command to escalate the privilege to execute the commands in some scenarios.

4) Install bginfo to give user some basic system information.

5) Use ‘HP Device Manager’ to manage the HP Thin clients. HPDM supports great functions (WOL, Shadow, Remotely execute commands, Image management…)

6) Pre-configure the Citrix server URL for Citrix receiver in HKLM\software\Citrix\PNAgent\ServerURL (e.g http://servername/Citrix/PNAgent/Config.xml)


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