SharePoint 2010 Training Day 5 Notes

Module 13: Implementing Business Continuity

  • Recycle bin: 2 stages
  • Import/ Export contents
  • Disaster recovery: RPO & RTO
  • Backup/restore: Farm, Wep app, Service app, content, configure settings…
  • Restore farm permission: farm admin + sharepoint shell admin + wss_admin_wpg local group
  • HA & NLB

Module 14: Monitoring and Optimizing SharePoint Performance

  • Configure diagnostic log consideration:
    •Change the location logging writes to
    •Restrict disk space used by the log
    •Define the need for verbose settings
    •Back up logs
    •Enable event log flood protection
  • Health analyzer
  • Monitor performance (SCOM is recommended)

Fried noodle!



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