Fix duplicated package ID in red hat satellite

Our red hat satellite stops to sync from the subscribed red hat channel. We turned the debug on and found out it is caused by the duplicated package ID in the self-managed oracle database. Here is how to fix it: 1) Turn on debug to find out the duplicated package ID. echo "debug=7" >> /etc/rhn/rhn.conf … Continue reading Fix duplicated package ID in red hat satellite


Spacewalk Installation Step by Step

To evaluate Spacewalk, I have installed it in my lab. Spacewalk Server: RHEL01 (RHEL5.5/ 1vCPU/ 2G vRAM/ 20G vHDD) Spacewalk Client:  RHEL02 (RHEL5.5/ 1vCPU/ 1G vRAM/ 8G vHDD) Install Spacewalk Server 1) Install the Spacewalk Server yum repo rpm -Uvh 2) Install EPEL yum repo rpm -Uvh 3) Install Spacewalk server and its dependencies yum … Continue reading Spacewalk Installation Step by Step