Customised Quick Start of Confluence Data Center on AWS

Based on the Atlassian quick start of Confluence Data Center on AWS, I have made my own version of it. Here are a few customisations that I have introduced.

Customisation One: Remove public subnets. To meet the security compliances, we can not use public subnets. All ingress/ egress traffics should go through central managed reverse/ outbound proxy.

Customisation Two: Add Spot instance support in the target group, so each application uses mixed instances of on-demand and spot instance to optimise the cost. Also all applications share the same ALB, the routing is based on hostname.

Customisation Three: Standalone AMI bake process. This is to ensure the AMI consistency across all environment.

Customisation Four: This is the design of my CICD pipeline which is not part of the original quick start.


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