Private Cloud Is The Trend For Enterprise?

It is said KPMG Australia is going to build their private could based on the VBlock platform which utilizes the technology from Cisco, EMC and VMware. The project starts from virtualizing the servers. In the short term, it will improve the virtualizaion level from current 20% to 70%. With the private cloud, the KPMG employees will be able to access the internal infratructure like SAP, timesheet via their mobile from anywhere.

I have been using the Virtualization technology for several years, focusing on installing, maintaining, monitoring and troubleshooting the virtual servers. Based on my experience, Virtualization technology does improve the resource utilization, lower the cost and provides a more flexible solutions on server depolyment, disaster recovery, test…

Therefore, I believe Virtualization is the way to go for all Enterprises, but just not sure if it is necessary/worthy to deploy the private cloud in terms of ROI. So I am interested to follow the news about the KPMG project, and find out in which situation the Enterprise should stay with the conventional virtualization or choose the private could.


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