Confluence Space Exporter

Confluence supports multiple export file type for a Space via the Web interface. This is handy if you only need export a single space. But what if you need to export a large number of spaces? For example, offline archive the inactive users’ personal spaces. I assume it will take you quite some time to get it done.

To make it a little bit easier, I wrote a command line called ‘Confluence Space Exporter’. This is how it looks like:

$ confluence-space-exporter -k CAP -t xml
Generating export file for space CAP ...
CAP space archiving file download link:
CAP space download starting time: 2019-10-17 10:18:47 
status code is: 200
CAP space export file size: 0.01 MB
100.00 % has been downloaded for CAP
CAP space download finished!
CAP space download ending time: 2019-10-17 10:18:48

Please check it out if you are interested:


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