ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID because of Subject Alternative Name missing

If you are seeing similar errors in Chrome as below, your private cert probably missed the SAN. Starting from Chrome 58, it validates the DNS against the SAN that is in the certificate. Here is the quote that I found

“Certificates have two ways to express the domain/IP they’re bound to – one which is unstructured and ambiguous (commonName), and one which is well-defined (subjectAltName). In the absence of any subjectAltNames, Chrome currently falls back to comparing the domain against the commonName, if present.
This proposal is to remove that fallback path; in effect, requiring a subjectAltName. Ideally, we would do this for all certificates (publicly trusted and privately trusted), but if there are
concerns about compat risk, we can restrict it to publicly trusted certificates.”




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