CrowdLess – Make Crowd less crowded

Crowd is Atlassian centralized identity management tool. Since Crowd 2.7, the Active Directory Connector is able to sync the disabled flag from Active Directory to Crowd. But if you are using older version or other connectors (e.g Delegated Authentication Directory), then you may run into the issue that users are disabled in Active Directory are still active in Crowd. And those invalid users may still occupy valid license in the applications that use Crowd for authentication, like Confluence or Jira.

Our Confluence license was nearly running out just due to the exact reason. So I wrote a tool to solve this problem by syncing the disabled user from Active Directory to Crowd. And I named it as CrowdLess, as it makes Crowd less crowded.

If you are interested, the tool repository can be found in my GitHub. Currently it supports the following features:

  •  Show all active users in Crowd
  •  Check user status in Active Directory
  •  Check user status in Crowd
  •  Compare user status between Active Directory and Crowd
  •  Disable user in Crowd
  •  Enable user in Crowd
  •  Synchronize disabled user from Active Directory to Crowd
  •  Report mode for synchronization



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