Apple Watch 3 Review

I was a bit struggling to decide which watch to buy, Garmin or Apple Watch? If you are in the same dilemma, here is my suggestion: Garmin watch is a sports watch, while Apple watch is a smart watch but with sports features. If you are very sporty, Gamin watch might be a better choice. If you are like me who only does workout a couple of times a week, Apple watch may fit you better.

I have been using Apple Watch 3 for nearly 3 weeks, and I am still loving it 😉 Here are something that I found out so far:

1) The biggest limit is that it only works with iPhone. If you are using Android and you want to buy Apple watch,  then you need to get a iPhone as well.

2) Sports feature includes heart sensor, GPS, different workout modes and daily activity track. It should be far more than enough to meet most people’s requirements.

You can get a nice report about your daily activity and workouts in the iPhone built-in Activity app. It also works with some 3rd party app like Nike Run Club. Additionally, it can connect to some gym equipments via Gymkit.



3) The watch faces is changeable and customisable, so you are able to make your own watch face.


4) It can track your sleep via some 3rd party app. Personally, I use AutoSleep as you don’t need to do anything before go to bed. The app will detect and record it. (My old FitBit requires double tap to trigger the sleep mode).


5) The built-in Health App can aggregate all data into a single pane of glass. That is basically your personal health database.


6) The watch is smart enough to enable passcode after you take it off your wrist. When you wear it back, you only need to unlock it for the first time.

7) For me, the battery literally can last up to 2 days. And I normally charge it for about 30 – 60 minutes before go to bed, as I wear watch when sleep.

8) The band is comfortable and changeable, and there are many cheaper choices on Amazon. I don’t feel any discomforts when wearing the watch to run.

9) If you lost your iPhone somewhere, you can try to find it via your Apple watch by triggering a sound on your iPhone. It is useful for my wife 🙂

10) Optionally, you can choose the mode with Cellular (a seperate SIM card is needed). It allows you to making phone calls without your iPhone nearby.


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