Kubernetes as a Service

I still remember that more than two years ago, I spent a couple of days to setup a Kubernetes cluster in vSphere (refer this article ‘ Install Kubernetes‘ that I wrote in 2015). During that time not many people understood what container is not mention Kubertnetes, but nowadays everyone in the industry talks about container and its orchestration platforms.

As mentioned in the article that I post earlier today – ‘Kubernetes is the winner‘, almost every player in the container field has its own version of container orchestration platform or so called container service. Among them, Kubernetes based platform is taking the lead without any doubt.

  • AWS – ECS
  • Google – GKE (k8s based)
  • Microsoft – ACS, AKS (k8s based)
  • Docker – Swarm
  • RedHat – OpenShift (k8s based)
  • CoreOS – Tectonic (k8s based)
  • HashiCorp – Nomad
  • Aliyun – CCS
  • Rancher Labs – Rancher (k8s based)

With the increasing maturity of Kubernetes and its associated container service platform, the focus has apparently moved from how to manage Kubernetes to how to use Kubernetes. We used to spend lots of time and effort to manage the cluster itself including installation, configuration, upgrading and so on. For example, now with GKE or AKS, a single command line can do all those work for us and even more (like scaling up/down the cluster). No more headaches on how to keep the etcd cluster and kubernetes master highly available, GKE or AKS looks after it.

Do you agree that it’s KaaS (Kubernetes as a Service) now? Not sure about you, but I think so.


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