Automate Akamai Cloudlets Edge Redirect

This is one of my side projects. It is written in Python and Bash. The step is very straight forward:

Download the current production version -> Add the rules, then pushes it to the staging -> Test the redirect in staging -> If passed, push it to production. If not, notify the user which one failed.

There are two versions for this product: one is the basic version, the other is the advanced version. The major difference is that:

Advanced version uses DynamoDB to mange the job queue and has a set of commands in Hubot to allow user to add/remove/search the redirect jobs. The Basic version is simply to process the jobs that is added in a text file, and does not use queue to manage the job states.

The Basic version has already been uploade to my Github repo. I will upload the Advance version soon.

Updates: The basic version has been deprecated. Autosam is the production ready version with all functions available.



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