TSM Dynamic Volume

In my previous post, I created a few fixed volumes for the backup pool in my TSM sandbox. In some scenarios, you may find it is flexible to use the dynamic volumes.

In my TSM sandbox, I will configure the dynamic volumes to use the four 50G drives (G, H, I, J).

1) Update the device class to assign the folders.

update dev FILE directory="G:\deduppool,H:\deduppool,I:\deduppool,J:\deduppool"

2) Update the storage pool to define the max scratch volume numbers (it is up to your disk size).

update stg deduppool MAXSCR=199

3) Start a backup job and check the storage pool usage and volumes. You can see a new volume has been created automatically.


One thought on “TSM Dynamic Volume

  1. this is the way i use for the clamation, but you must pay attention to collocation and volume size, otherwise reclamation will be a pain in the ass

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