Failed to power on suspended virtual machine

Normally if you can not power on a suspended virtual machine, you need to empty the sched.swap.derivedName and checkpoint.vmState values in the .vmx file (according to VMware KB). This will change the power state of the VM to off, and lose everything in the memory. But this did not work when I troubleshot a VM having this issue today.

In the .vmx file, it has the following two lines that I need to empty. But when I tried to save the change, it said ‘”UI VM.vmx” Function not implemented’ and did not allow me to save the changes.

sched.swap.derivedName = “/vmfs/volumes/4f7ac90b-6996b763-e30c-5cf3fcad2d4a/UI VM/UI VM-7064cc85.vswp”
checkpoint.vmState = “UI VM-7064cc85.vmss”

Then I unregistered the VM from the host and register it to another. Don’t know why, but it fixed this issue. So if you see the same issue, try to register (not migration) the VM to another host before making the changes to the vmx file.


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