vSphere 5.0 Install, Configure, Manage Training Day 5

Module 11: High Availability and Fault Tolerance

vCenter Server Availability:
– Cluster DB
– Multiple redundant servers
– HA, vCenter server heartbeat

A cluster enabled for vSphere HA can have:
– up to 32 hosts per cluster
– up to 512 VM per host (regardless of the number of host/cluster)
– up to 3,000 VM per cluster

HA Failure scenario: Host, Guest and Application

Admission control policy: Host failures cluster tolerates/ Percentage of cluster resources reserved as failover spare capacity/ Specify failover hosts

VMware recommends redundant heartbeat networking for vSphere HA cluster

Before changing the networking configuration on the ESXi host (adding port group, removing vSwitches):
– Deselect Enable Host Monitoring
– Place host in maintenance mode

vSphere HA Architecture

FDM (Fault Domain Manager) service

Master/Slave host

HA Failure Scenarios:
– failed slave host (Network heartbeats/ Datastore heartbeats)
– failed master host (election process)
– Isolated host
– Network partition

Fault Tolerance is used for mission critical server that can not tolerate downtime
– no more than 4 FT VM on a single host
– store ISO files on shared storage
– disable BIOS-based power management

Module 12: Scalability

DRS (Distributed Resource Scheduler)
– Initial placement
– Load balancing
– Power management

EVC is a cluster feature that prevents vMotion migrations from failing because of incompatible CPUs

For best performance, VMware recommends that you store the swap file in the same directory as the virtual machines.

Affinity/ Anti-affinity rules: Preferential vs. Required

Storage DRS requires that storage I/O control be enabled on all the datastores (I/O load history is checked once every 8 hours)

Maintenance mode/ Standby mode

VM performance tuning

Module 13: Patch Management

Update Manager

5 types of baselines:
– Host patch
– Host extension
– Host upgrade
– Virtual machine patch
– Virtual appliance upgrade

Module 14: Installing VMware Components

Installing ESXi

Install vCenter server


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