TSM 6.3: Restore SQL Database

TSM SQL database restoration method is very flexible. My example is just a small taste of it.

Example 1: Restore DB with same name to the same server

1) Delete the table dbo.ChunkData from the ReportServerTempDB to simulate the scenario of data loss.



2) Open flash copy manager on TSM_Client01 and set Replace=True in the restore option.


3) Choose the backup DB and click restore.


4) Confirm the removed table is restored


Example 2: Restore DB with different name to the same server

1) Right click the backup DB and choose ‘Restore to Alternate Location…’


2) Set the new name of the database to be TEST, and new location of the file is C:\Backup


3) Confirm the new DB in SQL server


Example 3: Restore DB from TSM_Client02 to TSM_Client01

1) Change nodename to TSM_Client02_SQL in the file C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\TDPSql\dsm.opt on TSM_Client01

NODename TSM_Client02_SQL

2) Launch tdpsql.exe and click Restore Databases tab. A warning may pop up, just click OK. (or grant the proxynode on TSM_Sandbox first: grant proxynode target=TSM_Client02_SQL agent=TSM_Client01)


3) The DB on the source server will be listed now. Just choose the DB and click restore. (You can specify the new DB name in Restore Into, and new location in Relocate)



4) Confirm the database has been restored. And change the setting that is modified in step 1) back.


Example 4: Use tdpsqlc to restore DB from a different server

1) Uncomment the password settings in the dsm.opt on TSM_Client01

*PASSWORDAccess generate

2) Run the following command to restore database named “Profile DB” from TSM_Client02 to TSM_Client01

tdpsqlc restore “Profile DB” full /tsmnode=TSM_client02_SQL /fromSQLServer=Sbox-Sql


3) Confirm the “profile DB” has been restored, and change the password settings back.



3 thoughts on “TSM 6.3: Restore SQL Database

  1. I trying to restore the SQL TDP backup using the script and the script is not working properly.It is not restoring.Please let me i am missing any thing.
    Script is shown below:
    cd /d “C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\TDPSql”
    TDPSQLC Restore Test full /into=Test /LOGFile=Y:\tpsql.log /object=201506171304510001688 /RECOVery=Yes /RELocate=Test /TO=E:\Test.MDF /RELocate=Test /TO=F:\Test_log.ldf /replace

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