TSM 6.3: CadSchedName Registry Value is Empty




The CadSchedName value is missing in the Client Acceptor registry settings.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\services\TSM Client Acceptor\Parameters\CadSchedName


C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\baclient\DSMCUTIL UPDATE CAD /NAME:”name of cad service” /CADSCHEDNAME:”name of scheduler service controlled by the CAD service”


6 thoughts on “TSM 6.3: CadSchedName Registry Value is Empty

  1. durring a TSM software update around 20% of my servers had NO registry setting for CadShedName in the Client Acceptor..this solution fixed the problem! ANy Ideas on why it would be missing..some of thse were band new installs of OS then TSM.

    1. Hi Bob, it looks to me that TSM fails to configure it properly sometimes. In another case, the issue was fixed by reinstalling the scheduler then installing it again.

  2. How to define the daily automatic backup of the client?
    I go through the policy Domain functions defined schedule using AdminCenter Console, then associated with the specified client node, but have taken place in the Pending.

    1. To troubleshoot, I would suggest you to 1) check the schedule log, 2) restart the CAD service, 3) Run ‘q event * *’ in the console to see whether the scheduled job is listed there.

  3. Thank you,Jackie. I can’t see schedule log on baclient directory. Service restart is ok. On the tsp admin cli console ,q event * * Status is pending.

    Create new schedule link to other client node , status is same pending
    So .I don’t know why

    1. It looks to me either the cad or scheduler service is not working properly. The quick fix is to remove them, and create new ones. And use cad service to manage the scheduler service.

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