Cisco Next Generation Home Wireless Router

My home wireless router was Linksys WRT54G, which I have to gave to someone before I moved to another city. As there are too many stuffs need to be packed, and my wife’s stuffs always take higher priority Crying face. Now it turns out to be a good thing, as I may take it as an excuse to get a new oneWinking smile.

Cisco just lauched their next generation home wireless router Today. The new Linksys E-series lineup inclues five routers, each with the latest technology in home wireless for multitude of home entertainment experiences. The cheapest model (E1200) costs $59.99, even cheaper than WRT54G ($66.99).

The E-Series router supports (depends on the Model):

  • 802.11n, faster speed (up to 450Mbps)
  • Stronger signal
  • QoS auto-sensing ports
  • Smarter power saving function

wrt54G E1200_Main01


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