How To Create a Shared Calendar

The internal traininng organizer came to me and asked how to create a shared calendar which she can publish her training plan for 2011. Here are the steps:

1) Create a new Folder under Mailbox – Your Username


2) Type in the name ‘2011 Training Plan’ and choose ‘Calendar Items’.


3) Navigate to the calendar section, the new calendar should already be listed over there. Right click and choose properties.


4) Choose the permission level as ‘Reviewer’ for default. Only in this way can other users have the read-only rights.


5) Add the schedules in then share it to the audiences by right click the calendar entry and choose ‘Share “2011 Training Plan” ’.

I don’t know if you have the same concern as me – What should we do if the training organizer will leave the company in the future? My answer to myself is to let the new guy right click the calendar entry and copy it to his/her mailbox, then make the permisson changes accordingly. Or you can create a dedicated account in Exchange server.


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